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Unfair Competition Cases

When an employee and a company part ways, it is common for the employer to require the employee to sign a noncompetition agreement. Such agreements typically place limitations on the trade secrets the departing employee is allowed to divulge, and the type of business the employee is allowed to engage in, within a certain geographic area.

If you have signed a noncompetition agreement and are being threatened with legal action by a former employer, the attorneys at Laturno & Graves can protect your rights. We handle unfair competition cases and other employment law matters for clients throughout San Diego County and across Southern California.

Is Your Noncompetition Agreement Enforceable?

California law is sharply in favor of open competition, and courts are not likely to uphold any contract that prohibits a person from engaging in lawful business activities. Since most noncompetition agreements seek to do just that, they are usually unenforceable in California.

Nonetheless, businesses often aggressively threaten former employers whom they suspect may pose a competitive threat. Just because noncompetition clauses are generally unenforceable, it does not mean there's nothing to worry about if your former employer is coming after you.

Litigation could place your livelihood and your reputation at risk. You should consult with an experienced employment law attorney to fully understand how the law applies in your situation.

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