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About Gary M. Laturno

Gary M. Laturno, Esq - Goode Hemme Barger

Of Counsel, Goode Hemme & Peterson, San Diego, CA
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Gary M. Laturno has practiced law for over 30 years and serves as “Of Counsel” to Goode Hemme Barger. In addition to his law practice he has served as an arbitrator and mediator in San Diego since 2001, and has been a licensed CA real estate broker from 2002 to the present.

A former Chief of Civil Litigation at FBI HQ in Washington, D. C., he represented high ranking FBI officials, including the Director of the FBI, supervised ten litigation attorneys and personally handled complex litigation. While serving in the San Diego FBI office he served, among other responsibilities, as the Principal Legal Advisor and the FBI Press Spokesman.

Mr. Laturno has an AV rating from Martindale Hubbell and has been named to “Top Lawyers in San Diego” by San Diego Magazine and “Top Lawyers in Southern CA” by the Los Angeles Times for many years.

(An AV Rating from Martindale Hubbell signifies the lawyer has reached the heights of professional excellence, practiced for many years and is recognized for the highest level of skill and integrity.)

Areas of Expertise

Mr. Laturno has owned investment real property in San Diego for over twenty- five years and served as legal counsel to countless Realtors in the San Diego area. Having boots on the ground” keeps him in touch with current issues in the real estate world and enables him to provide cogent counsel to clients.

Practice Areas

Real Property Law; Negotiation; Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mr. Laturno is a past chair of the Real Property Law Section, San Diego County Bar Association. In 2014, he was appointed by the trustees of the State Bar of Ca to serve on the Executive Committee of the Real Property Law Section of the State Bar of CA. In 2017, he was selected by members of the Executive Committee to serve as the Chair of the Executive Committee for the period September 2017 to September 2018. Having completed his service as Executive Committee Section Chair, he now serves as an Advisor to the Section’s Executive Committee consisting of sixteen CA attorneys.

Mr. Laturno frequently writes on legal topics and speaks at conferences, events and national webinars on continuing legal education topics, including real estate, estate planning, financial security, negotiation, mediation, bankruptcy law. During the housing crisis he trained hundreds of attorneys on foreclosures, short sales and loan modifications. He has served as a guest lecturer at the San Diego School of Law, CA Western School of Law and CA State University at San Marcos and taught continuing legal education classes at the San Diego County Bar Association, North County Bar Association, San Diego Law Library, the CA Bar Association and Jag offices in the Navy and Marines.

From approximately 2008 to 2012, he counseled, pro bono, over 2000 homeowners in financial distress, including attorneys, medical doctors, teachers, judges, pastors, rabbis, bankers, retirees, engineers, dentists, labor union members, realtors, housing counselors, PhDs, police officers, FBI Agents, nurses, State and Federal employees, couples pending divorce, small business owners, active and retired military, and even a few CPAs, financial planners and economists. Realizing that people’s financial I.Q.s do not begin to match their overall smarts, he and his spouse, Victoria Kuick, MBA, Finance, BS, Engineering, University of Michigan, co-authored “Three Steps to Wealth & Financial Security – All That Glitters Isn’t Gold”. The book has received over 50 five- star reviews and is available at

Legal Education & Background

An honor’s graduate of Loyola School of Law, New Orleans, he served as an Editor of the Loyola Law Review and received the Loyola Law Alumni Award for the best writing in the Loyola Law Review.

A proud Dad and husband, he is the father to two grown daughters, one of whom is an attorney, a son, and two grandchildren. His spouse, Vikki Kuick, serves as broker record for their real estate brokerage, Laturno Kuick Realty. He likes to travel, play golf, visit with family and friends; he is currently writing his second book.

San Diego Charities That Have Been Supported by Mr. Laturno & his spouse
San Diego Law Library; Mainly Mozart; Habitat for Humanity;

Gary Laturno statement: I greatly enjoy contact with people who need legal counsel, guidance and direction in their lives or business. I am happy to listen, seek to understand individual situations and give guidance as to the options for individuals and companies to potentially follow. During the housing crisis, for example, I personally counseled, pro bono, over 2,000 homeowners in financial distress. Feel free to call me at my direct number is 619-741-9652 or email me at